Glenhurst Gardens

Living at Glenhurst Gardens

an introduction


A look at the house rules

To make sure we all live together harmoniously, it’s necessary to have some rules. Most of these are common sense – to get a full set of house rules, read the FAQs or contact us. Otherwise, some of the things we get asked about most are the following:

+ Can I rent out my apartment?

Yes, you can – for a minimum 12-month lease.

+ Can I let my apartment out on Airbnb?

No, as leases are generally at least 12 months, this is not possible.

+ Anything I need to know if I’m having people over?

As in any other apartment building, you must try to disturb neighbours as little as possible. Sound does travel through the building, so please keep the volume on TVs, radios etc as low as possible, and be as quiet as you can on balconies. Be particularly mindful of noise between 10pm and 7am both within your apartment and in common areas. Please remind your guests of this, too.

+ Where can I park?

If you have a parking space in the car park on title, park there. There’s no outdoor parking at Glenhurst Gardens.

+ Can I have a pet?

No, sorry, you can’t – not even to visit. Your guests and any contractors you might be using can’t bring animals into Glenhurst Gardens either.


Renovating at Glenhurst Gardens

If you’re planning a renovation of any scope, it’s important you read the package we have put together for builders and tradesmen, and also understand the requirements you need to fulfil before any work can commence, and also during the construction phase. That way, we’ll all ensure that the building stays in the best condition, and that other residents are disturbed as little as possible during any building work. Some of the most common questions about building work include…

+ I’m planning to renovate my apartment. Do I need to tell anyone before I start?

Yes, you’ll need to get permission from the board, and depending on the work you’re planning to do, you may also need to get council permission. Click here for more information.

+ Do I need to protect the lift and ambulatory in any way?

Yes, the lift covers, which are kept in the first floor laundry, will need to be installed every day. Please take them down each evening, and put them back in the laundry. It’s important that all common areas are kept clean and tidy during any building work – that should be done every day, too.

+ What hours is building work allowed?

Between 7.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm Saturday, with noisy work restricted to between 8.15am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. No work is allowed on public holidays.

+ Does anyone in the building need to inspect the work?

Yes, our building consultant will need to sign off on the work.


The Pool

The pool and its north-facing terrace are popular all year round. To make sure we get the greatest enjoyment out of them, there are a few ground rules which we need to follow. 

+ When can I use the pool?

Between 7am and 7pm (or 9pm during daylight saving).

+ Can my guests use it, too?

You’re limited to three guests at a time, including children under the age of 16.

+ Can I eat and drink down there?

As long as you don’t take any breakable material down there – including glass and crockery. The problem is that if anything gets broken, the pool needs to be completely drained, which is expensive and means it’s out of action for a while.